Mile 20

Saturday, March 17, 2007

January 28th, 2007
I ran 20 miles today! Holy crap! It's so mindblowing for me to physically train for a marathon. 20 miles is 80% of a marathon and I could snap through the first 8 miles like it was a warm up. It was even more mindblowing that I was able to coach myself through the last 6 miles. This ability is so important because then the race is something I do for myself and not because someone else is pushing me. I didn't think our program would go past 18 until I got to practice. So the idea of doing the marathon was to run 20 miles for my 20th birthday because it's the number of years I'll be but also because the 20th mile is "the wall", where you physiologically breakdown. The point is not the wall but it's getting over it and accomplishing even bigger things.


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