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Friday, April 06, 2007

April 7th, 2007
Good gracious, I didn't even finish that post and 2 weeks have slipped by! The other day I finally ran longer than my perfunctory 6 mile run. It was a beautiful day, I had worked from 8am until 6pm on Organic and I was determined to run far away. I speed walked from my lab across campus to my dorm, sprinted past my friends in the lounge and finally bounded down Franklin Street. My body was zinging with excitement of going on a long run and I kept up that pace for a good 3 miles. So I finally got to my fourth mile in the back of a neighborhood in Carrboro and I was on runner's high when I noticed some really realistic deer lawn ornaments. I'm thinking why do people put fake deer on their lawns? It's so tacky. Wait, that one blinked. And then my focused haze lifts and I realize that I'm looking directly at 4 very curious deer. Later I was stretching in an almost enclosed courtyard and a rabbit came up and sat next to me as I was stretching. Cody said that the rabbit knew I was of the same spirit, which is why it was fine with me. I just love having that connection with nature.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I'm doing some sort of leadership with Carolina Marathon next year. Finding that out plus running that day has me convinced now that before I graduate I'm going to either run the NYC or Boston Marathon. In order to run the Boston marathon I need a 3:40 time and for the NYC marathon I need an even faster time. If I can't speed up my timing my fall back is to get guaranteed entry into the NYC marathon by donating to charity. I would need to improve my time by 1 hour in order to qualify for Boston. I think I can shoot for improving my time by 30 minutes for the next marathon I run. Oh and I'd need to run a qualifying marathon too. Man that's actually a lot of marathoning come to think of it. In order to run that fast I would need to run 7:30 minute miles. I'm thinking this summer I can speed up my pace by starting with 5ks and consistantly run 7:30 minute miles. I need to learn to appreciate speed and I need to give up the lazy run and really commit.


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